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Favorite song at the moment.

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Gia Coppola presentsPalo Alto.

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I’ve been searching for this clip for the longest time… Now that it’s finally on Youtube enjoy.


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Wedding Bells (trailer) by Cashmere Cat

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The coldest winter ever known.

The coldest winter ever known.

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This cool Doritos commercial I stumbled upon…

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New crush…

New crush…

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Paradise Falls is an amazing short I saw at this year’s TIFF. The cinematography is done beautifully and the style is quirky and fun. It is compared to the likes of a Wes Anderson film mixed with The Brother’s Grim. This film was also created by graduating students; which makes me feel more inspired. Hopefully you guys can enjoy this gem as much as I did.

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I never thought she was hot until now.

I never thought she was hot until now.

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John Mayer - Wildfire Featuring Frank Ocean - Paradise Valley

So gorgeous, a man might cry.

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